Features of Our School

1. Low Tuition

Being a government-run high school affiliated to National Cheng-Kung University (NCKU), our tuition is lower than that of any other high school’s.

 2. Excellent Teaching Staff

Twenty percent of our full-time teaching staff has a master’s degree, and some even has a doctor’s degree. We also receive assistance from the faculty of NCKU.

 3. Perfect Facilities

We provide students with new and sufficient facilities.  Also, NCKU spares no efforts to supply our school with the latest equipments.

 4. Various Student Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Our school is the only continuing education high school that has student clubs.  To name a few, there are Guitar Club, Boy Scout Association, Girl Scout Association, Computer Club, and Karate Club in our school. Students can strike a balance between mental and physical development by participating in these extracurricular activities.

 5. Great Surroundings and Convenient Location

Our school is located at Wei-Nung Building in Kuang-Fu Campus of NCKU.  The famous Banyan Tree Garden and Cheng-Kung Lake are nearby.  Luxuriant flowers, grass, and trees, and picturesque views make a perfect environment to cultivate students’ body and mind. Moreover, the railway station and many bus stops are close to our school.

 6. Various Courses for Students’ Future Success

Making use of what they have learned, our students will find it easy to get a job, or go to college or university by passing various examinations.