I-Wen Sun (Ph.D., University of Mississippi)
Analytical Electrochemistry
Mou-Yung Yeh (Ph.D., Tokyo Industrial University)
Organic Chemistry, Organic Analysis, Organic Synthesis
Sui-Wen Ho (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh)
Catalysis, Surface Analytical
Tian-Shung Wu (Doctor of Pharmacy, Meijo University, Japan)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, Applied Spectroscopy
Kom-Bei Shiu (Ph.D., University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)
Organometallic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry
Hydrothermal Synthesis, Biomolecule Mimics
Che-Ping Chuang (Ph.D., Ohio State University)
Organic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis
Jong-Liang Lin (Ph.D., Columbia University )
Physical Chemistry, Surface Science
Shu-Hui Chen (Ph.D., Michigan State University )
Analytical Chemistry, Separation Science
Chen-Sheng Yeh (Ph.D., University of Georgia )
Laser Chemistry
Kuang-Sen Sung (Ph.D.,Clemson University))
Organic Chemistry
Ded-Shih Huang (Ph.D., Princeton University)
Enzymology, Organic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry
Wen-Liang Huang (Ph.D., North Carolina State University)
Special Topics in Inorgnic Chemistry


Associate Professors:
Jacob Chun-Hsiung Kuei (Ph.D., Brigham Young University)
Analytical Chemistry
Liang-Yuan Shy (Ph.D., University of Washington)
Physical Chemistry, Computer Simulation, Polymer Chemistry
Shih-Gang Su (Ph.D., University of California, San Diego)
Physical Photochemistry, Computational Chemistry,Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Thou-Jen Whang (Ph.D., University of Iowa, U.S.A.)
Laser Chemistry
Shao-Pin Wang (Ph.D., University of North Texas)
Physical Chemistry
Fu-Yung Huang (Ph.D., University of Maine)
Chen-Sheng Yeh (Ph.D., University of Georgia )
Laser Chemistry
Shyh-Yu Shaw (Ph.D., Boston University )
Hui-Lien Tsai (Ph.D., University of California, San Diego )
Inorganic Chemistry
Hong-Ping Lin (Ph.D., National Taiwan University)
Physical Chemistry, Material Chemistry


Assistant Professor:
Hua-Fen Hsu (Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook)
Bioinorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Kuei-Fang Hsu ( Ph.D. Chemistry, National Tsing Hua University )
Inorganic Chemistry
Yao-Ting Wu (Dr. rer. nat., University of Goettingen , Germany)
Organic Chemistry


Part-time Professors:
Pei-Lin Wu (Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook)
Organic Chemistry, Organic Mechanism, Organic Spectroscopy, Organic Synthesis
Hsien-Ju Tien (D.Sc., Waseda University, Japan)
Organic Chemistry, Stereochemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Organic Electrochemistry
Chen-Tsung Hong (Ph.D., National Tsing Hwa University)
Petroleum Chemistry, Catalysis
Juei-Ynu Chen (Ph.D., Tohoku Pharmaceutical University, Japan )
Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chemstry of Hygienic Science
Che-Yuan Huang (Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University)
Organic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis


Tsen-Hwa Chen (Ph.D., Chung Shan University)
Material Chemistry