Past&Present Chairpersons


Lee, Li-Tsung (Aug.1959-July 1972) Tien, Hsien-Ju (Aug.1972-July 1978)
Huang,Che-Yuan (Aug.1978-July 1981) Chiao, Cheng-Chen (Aug.1981-July 1986)
Low, Chow-Eng (Aug.1986-July 1989) Yeh, Mou-Yung (Aug.1989-July 1992)
Jwo, Jing-Jer (Aug.1992-July 1997) Wu, Tian-Shung (Aug.1997-July 2000)
Ho, Sui-Wen (Aug.2000-July 2003) Sun, I-Wen (Aug.2003-Present)

@@Under the leadership of the heads mentioned above, the department has conferred bachelor's degrees on some 2300 graduates and master's degrees on more than five hundred. Some of the graduates have gone abroad for advanced study, but no matter where they work, they are highly reputed in the field they have chosen.

@@The original department building has two floors and is located in the center of Cheng Kung Campus.In front of it is the department of mathematics, to the south of it is the department of Physics, and to the east is the department of Mineral and Petroleum Engineering. In 1988 a six-story annex was constructed, providing the Department with more space.

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