How to reach venue-- National Cheng Kung University

Two international airports:

There are two international airports in Taiwan. One is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE, English; Japanese), which is located Taoyuan County, approximately 300 kilometers from Tainan. It takes you about three and a half hours by car or bus to Tainan. The other is KaoHsiung international airport (English; Japanese), which is located KaoHsiung city, approximately 50 kilometers from Tainan.

International flights can be connected to KaoHsiung International Airport at TPE International Airport. Then, you can pass the customs at KaoHsiung. Remember to arrange with your travel agents in advance.

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    The Department of Biochemistry is at College of Medicine in Chieng-Kuo Campus, Please refer to: Campus Map of NCKU

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    Last updated: 10 December 2006