The Facilities

The Department of Biochemistry occupies approximately 10,000 square feet of laboratory and office space on the ninth floor of the research tower in Medical center.

A variety of instruments is available within the department for biochemical research and teaching. Included among major items of equipment are:

  • PC right on TANET.
  • Beckman analytical ultracentrifuge (L7 and L8, TL-100).
  • Beckman 6300 Amino acid analyzer.
  • Applied Biosystems 477A protein sequencer.
  • Liquid scintillation counter (LKB 1217 and Parkard).
  • HP 5890 Gas chromatograph and HP 5989A Mass spectrometer.
  • Savant high voltage electrophoresis.
  • BRL NA-2 DNA analyzer.
  • Beckman W-225 DNA synthesizer.
  • Hitachi 850 fluorescence spectrophotometer.
  • LKB 1282 gamma counter.
  • High performance liquid chromatography (Beckman, Parkard, Waters, LKB and Hewlett Parker).
  • Labconco lyophilizer.
  • Olympus 21411 inverted microscope.
  • Nicon phase contrast microscope.
  • Beckman DU-65 spectrophotometer.
  • Shimadzu UV-240 spectrophotometer.
  • Hitachi 557 spectrophotometer.

    Other facilities include 3 cold rooms, a photographic darkroom and 2 cell culture rooms, a counter room, a centrifuge room, a pure water room and an isotope room. In addition, the excellent animal care facilities and medical sciences library, both located in the research tower, are readily accessible for use by students and faculty. Total collection in the library are 4,000 Chinese books, more than 20,000 English books. 70 Chinese journals and over 1,000 English journals in the areas of Biomedicines.

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    Updated: Apr. 23, 2004